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This is an amazing hand blened light weight moisturizing body oil that nourishes you from head to toe.


Body Therapy comes to you in a glass bottle with a fine spray dispenser for easy application. An all over body hydrating experience while giving your skin that beautiful glow without feeling greasy or sticky.


Great for using on bare legs and arms for achieving  an evening out glow or smoothing over tattoos to bring back their vibrant colors and definition. 

Also recommeded as a daily all over moisturizer.


Organic plant based ingredients with a light aroma of warmth and botanicals prefectly blended for men and women.


Free of harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives

Body Therapy

  • Squalane, Abyssinian oil, Rice Bran oil, Jojoba oil, EV Olive oil, Vitamin E oil, Phytocide Elderberry

    EO: Geranium, Palo Santo, Cedarwood

    Benefits: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, rich in antioxidants, amno acids, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and proteins to  help build and restore collagen to the skin. 

    Rich in antioxidants 


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